ION RoboKart Project Information

About us

The ION RoboKart is an autonomous go-kart project in which students convert a children's go-kart to an autonomous race vehicle. While the award-winning CSUF UUGRV has proven to be a great platform for low-speed robotics applications such as lawn-mowing, its differential drive geometry and high center of gravity prevents it from performing high-speed applications. The ION RoboKart will be a stepping stone to a full-size autonomous vehicle at CSUF. Similar to UUGRV, the ION RoboKart will be equipped with GPS, IMU, and some type of obstacle detection sensors, to make it an autonomous race vehicle. The completed ION RoboKart is expected to enter the 2014 Autonomous Vehicle Competition to be held in June 2014 by SparkFun.