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March 10, 2005



The best BBQ yet!! Over 170 people were served their choice of Hamburgers, hot-dogs, veggie burgers, or BBQ chicken strips on Thursday March 10th, 2005 between 11am and 1:30pm. In addition, we raffled a Pioneer DVD player, SanDisk 512MB USB-2 storage drive, and a pair of t-shirts and sweaters to 6 lucky winners.

Officer Meeting

March 8, 2005


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Officer Meeting

February 22, 2005


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ECS Week

February 2005



Every year the department of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS) holds a fair for high school students, transfer students, and of course existing CSUF students. This year it took place from February 22nd to February 25th, 2005. During the Tuesday cookout the CSUF IEEE secretary, ICC Representative, and Chair cooked Hamburgers and hotdogs for over 200 people. Then on Wednesday CSUF IEEE donated 15 t-shirts and sweatshirts to the MESA giveaway – all the kids loved the new design. ON the last day, Thursday, the CSUF IEEE provided a kiosk for snacks and drinks during the career fair where over 25 regional and local companies attended.

Officer Meeting

February 10, 2005


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Paintball Getaway

December 18, 2004



On Saturday December 18th, 2004 from 11am to 4pm ten IEEE members and friends headed to the Inland Empire (Chino specifically) to the famous SC Village for some paintball warfare. For most it was everyone’s first paintball experience and all would do it again. For $ 15 per person it was a great deal. Dinner at Hometown Buffet afterwards was also provided.

MicroMouse Project Demonstration

December 8, 2004



On Wednesday December 8th, 2004 a group of four electrical engineering seniors (Chris Tuason, Peter Kral, Sam Rokni and Tian-Hwa Yang) entertained the a few members of the faculty, numerous students, Daily Titan newspaper, and the assistant dean of the Engineering and Computer Science department with the second version of the CSUF MicroMouse. The mouse solved maze the 5X5 maze in less than 20 seconds following a comprehensive 20 minute presentation.

Read our Campus Newspaper's review of the competition here.

Officer Meeting

November 15, 2004


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October 22, 2004



On Wednesday October 22nd, 2004 from 11am to 2pm the IEEE served its first non-member, all invited BBQ. As a fundraiser we raffled a 12X Pioneer DVD burner for $1 along with several IEEE sweatshirts and t-shirts. This was the largest BBQ in known CSUF IEEE history, with over 140 people served.

Officer Meeting

October 25, 2004


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Intramural 3-on-3 Bball league

October - December 2004


On Wednesday nights from October 27th to December 8th, 2004 5 IEEE members challenged fraternities in some half court hoop. Before the playoffs IEEE was placed as the 2nd seed. As it turned out, the day of the playoffs was not our best showing and we finished fourth while the last seed won tournament. The star player was deported to Germany a week before the playoffs.

Comdex trip to Las Vegas

November 17th-21st, 2003


Thursday night thru late Saturday morning the crew took a road trip to Vegas with hopes of seeing new electronic products, meeting new people with similar high-tech interests, and enjoying the Vegas atmosphere. OG’s!!!


October 29th, 2003



With one Charcoal grill the IEEE fed any member that saw the smoke in the ECS quad. Free food tends to bring the members together without a word.




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