What are they laughing at..?


After nearly a decade, CSUF is relearning the MicroMouse (see pictures of old mouse below). Sam Rokni, a senior graduating Spring of 2005 is mostly responsible for bringing the MicroMouse project back to CSUF, but Tian Hwa-Yang, Christopher Tuason, and Peter Kral have played vital roles in getting the project off the ground.

The old MicroMouse

During the Fall 2003 semester this group of four electrical engineering students, and several others that would not continue on, began building a MicroMouse from a Parallax Kit called “The Board of Education” and entered the Spring 2004 Region 6 IEEE MicroMouse competition held at UCLA. From that experience, the one main design lesson learned was to use better IR sensors then the two-piece photo-detector and LED combo that came with the kit.

Tian, Sam, Chris & Peter

This spring semester the same group of four is leading a charge to be more competitive in the annual Region 6 IEEE MicroMouse competition on April 23rd, 2005 at LBSU. We have bought all new parts including; microcontroller with embedded RAM, EEPROM, and 8 ten channel A2D’s, stepper motor, IR sensors, and chassis. But most importantly this new Microcontroller can be programmed using C language complier. We are enthusiastic about what we can accomplish with this new set-up.

The 2004 Mouse!

Updates to come…





If you are interested in attending the next MicroMouse meeting or competition see the Announcements.




To view the Presentation for the MicroMouse 2004 Senior Project
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