What are they laughing at..?

The following are activities that have regularly been on the club's schedule of past semesters, to give an idea of what members can expect to take part in.

Bi-monthly Meetings

Officers, members and at times the advisor get together and discuss events, projects, and ideas over free food


MicroMouse Meetings

With the goal of constantly improving the last semester’s design, bringing interested new students up-to-date and having a good time, these meetings revolve around designing competitive autonomous robot to compete in the annual IEEE region 6 competitions



Every semester the CSUF IEEE posts a time that senior-level officers can help students with questions with their Electrical Engineering courses



In order to stay active and visible in the College of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS), the CSUF IEEE organizes free BBQs in the ECS quad. Typically we raffle off a new electronic device at the end of lunch to lure in non-ECS students and potential members as well.


Semester Excursions

To reward officers and members for their hard work, a day trip to an exciting local getaway is planned for the semester break. Past trips have been to San Diego, Las Vegas, and Yosemite.


Intramural Basketball League

To exercise a muscle other than our brains, IEEE members can enter a three-on-three or five-on-five basketball league sponsored by the IEEE through the school's recreation sports program. Most of the opposing teams are fraternities, so winning is much more rewarding.


Constant Fundraising

Whenever the CSUF IEEE is open we are selling chips, drinks, corn-dogs, burritos, and other snacks for only 50 cents each. Just take your pick. Not surprisingly our candy store gets much more business around finals week then our electronics parts store.




To find out about upcoming events check the Announcements.




See some of the past events at the Archive