IEEE Constitution --- CSUF Student Chapter

Amended 5 March 2005



Sec. 1. The name of the student chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers at California State University at Fullerton is hereinafter called the IEEE-CSUF.
Sec. 2. Its purposes are: (a) educational, directed toward the advancement of the theory and practice of electrical, electronics, communications and computer engineering, as well as computer science, the allied branches of engineering and the related arts and sciences; means to these ends include, but are not limited to, the holding of meetings for the purpose of collecting and distributing information to students and faculty about local, regional, and national issues. Also, discussions relating to publications and circulation of works of literature, science and art pertaining to and any other activities necessary, suitable and proper for the fulfillment of these objectives; (b) professional, directed toward the advancement of the standing of the members of the professions it serves; means to this end include, but are not limited to, the conduct and publication of surveys and reports on matters of professional concern to the members of such professions, collaboration with public bodies and with other societies for the benefit of the engineering professions as a whole and the general public, and the promotion of ethical conduct.
The IEEE-CSUF shall strive to enhance the quality of the learning experience through and viable means. It shall endeavor to promote understanding of the influence of such technology on the public welfare.
Sec. 3. The procedure for undertaking such activities shall be specified in the Bylaws.



Sec. 1. Bylaws shall be established as hereinafter set forth, for the purposes of governing the operations and administration of the IEEE-CSUF. The term "Bylaws" as used in this Constitution refers only to IEEE-CSUF Bylaws.
Sec. 2. Proposed Bylaw changes and reasons therefore shall be sent to all IEEE-CSUF Officers at one meeting before the next set meeting at which the vote shall be taken. The votes of on-half plus one of the officers present and entitled to vote, at the time of the vote, provided a quorum is present, shall be required to approve any new Bylaw, amendment or revocation.
Sec. 3. Every semester the schedule of meeting date, time, and rate must be set by the third week of the semester and occur at least once a month. At least One-half of the officers must be able to be present at the said meeting time.
Sec. 4. Elections for the subsequent year, officers must be completed by the end of finals week in the spring semester. All terms are one year or two semesters, excluding summers. If an officer is going to be graduating in one semester, the president can decided on a new election or initiate a new officer. Voting is open to all members. Majority wins. In the event of a tie, a run-off election will be held by the second week of the following semester or officers may decide on the winner, depending on what the president decides. Nominations and self-nominations are both acceptable forms of entering elections. No minimum number of nominations is necessary. To cast a vote your first name, last name initial, and membership number must be placed on a sheet attached to the ballot box in order to eliminate duplicate entries. An officer must be present while entering of a ballot. An email notice to all members should be sent out before the voting takes place.
Sec. 5. Keys to room E 423 will only be issued to officers of the IEEE-CSUF.
Sec. 6. Dues and fees are set according to the national IEEE. IEEE-CSUF may subsidize only students at CSUF for membership for a value not greater than $20 US per student.
Sec. 7. The IEEE-CSUF faculty advisor may be replaced at any time with a two-thirds majority of a full quorum of Officers if reasonable circumstances are indicated.
Sec. 8. Vacancies will be filled at the convenience of the IEEE-CSUF officers.



Sec. 1. The member qualifications, privileges and the requirements for admission will be followed according to the national IEEE rules and regulations.
Sec. 2. Any member of the national IEEE is considered a member of the IEEE-CSUF and is entitled to all benefits of student membership.
Sec. 3. Only IEEE-CSUF members can be considered as "voting members” for end-of-the-year elections.



Sec. 1. Dues and fees shall be specified in the Bylaws.
Sec. 2. Under exceptional circumstances, the payment of dues and fees may be deferred or waived in whole or in part by two-thirds vote.

ARTICLE V - Officers


Sec. 1. The IEEE-CSUF consists of voluntary governing officers for promoting the objectives and interests of the IEEE-CSUF. The Bylaws shall provide for specifications and operating rules for any groups that may be established.
PRESIDENT - The President shall be elected by the voting members as specified in the Bylaws. The President shall be eligible to serve a second full term in that office. The president must serve a prior officer position for a full year term in order to run, unless a full quorum of officers votes with a two-thirds majority to elect a president who has never been an officer. Responsibilities include conducting meetings, assigning tasks to other officers, corresponding with IEEE-CSUF advisor, and many other duties.
VICE PRESIDENT – The Vice President shall be elected by the voting members as specified in the Bylaws. If the president can no longer fulfill the term of president the Vice-president will take over the position and leave a vacancy at Vice president until a mock election can be put together. Responsibilities include overseeing operations of officers, creating to-do lists, and other wide-spread duties.
SECRETARY - The Secretary shall be elected by the voting members as specified in the Bylaws. Responsibilities include creating agenda’s for upcoming meetings, posting minutes for past meetings, and other similar duties.
TREASURER - The Treasurer shall be elected by the voting members as specified in the Bylaws. Responsibilities include maintaining a running log of accounts payable, debts accrued, and depositing money form accounts.
ICC REPRESENTATIVE - The ICC Representative shall be elected by the voting members as specified in the Bylaws. Responsibilities include attending all of the ECS-ICC meetings held two times a month and passing all the information to the other Officers.
PARTS MANAGER - The Parts Manager shall be elected by the voting members as specified in the Bylaws. Responsibilities include keeping electronic parts available, keeping lab kits up to date, inventory of parts, and other similar duties
PUBLIC RELATIONS - The Public Relations Representative shall be elected by the voting members as specified in the Bylaws. Responsibilities include filing paperwork with CSUF for any event son CSUF campus, going to classes at the start of each semester to get new members, and few other duties.
PURCHASING MANAGER - The Purchasing Manager shall be elected by the voting members as specified in the Bylaws. Responsibilities include keeping the fundraising food and supplies up to president’s standards.
Sec. 2. New officer positions can be added or deleted by a two-third vote by a full quorum of officers.



Sec. 1. The Faculty Advisor of the IEEE-CSUF shall oversee operations and operate as a liaison to all members and officers.
Sec. 2. The term of office for any faculty advisor shall be automatically renewed annually. Refer to Bylaws in case of changing faculty advisor.
Sec. 3. No Faculty Advisor shall receive, directly or indirectly, any salary, traveling expenses, compensation, or emolument from the IEEE-CSUF.
Sec. 4. No Corporate Officer or Director shall be interested, directly or indirectly, in any contract relating to the operations of the IEEE-CSUF, or in any contract for furnishing supplies thereto, unless authorized by the Bylaws or by the concurring vote of two-thirds of the Directors present at a regularly constituted meeting.



Sec. 1. The existence of a vacancy in any officer or advisor position shall be reconciled in accordance with the Bylaws.



Sec. 1. The method of making nominations and the schedule for elections shall be specified in the Bylaws.
Sec. 2. The Bylaws shall specify the members entitled to vote and the manner in which votes shall be cast.
Sec. 3. For elective offices of the IEEE-CSUF other than those named in Section 1 of this Article, methods of nomination and election, including alternate means of nomination by individual voting members, shall be specified in the Bylaws.
Sec. 4. The Secretary shall have general supervision of the keeping of records of meetings, activities, membership and any other records.
Sec. 5. The Treasurer, under the direction of the Board of Directors, shall have general supervision of the fiscal affairs of the IEEE, and shall be responsible for the keeping of records thereof.
Sec. 6. Stewardship and fiduciary responsibility for IEEE assets shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors.
Sec. 7. The fiscal year of the IEEE shall be defined in the Bylaws.



Sec. 1. Amendments to this Constitution shall be made by a vote of the IEEE-CSUF officers. Voting shall be in accordance with the Bylaws.
Sec. 2. A vote of at least two-thirds of all votes cast, provided the total number of those voting is a full quorum of the IEEE-CSUF officers.
Sec. 3. Amendments to this Constitution shall take effect the next business day after adoption, but if by amendment Officers and Officers-elect are changed in status, each Officer shall continue to serve until the term expires.



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