Current Research

  1. NRI/NSF: A Design Methodology for Multi-fingered Robotic Hands with Second-Order Kinematic Constraints

    PI on CSUF sub-award Id # 2013-2908, collaboration between CSUF, ISU, UCI. Funded by National Robotics Initiative/National Science Foundation, Engineering Systems Design Program (NRI/NSF ESD), duration: 4 years.

  3. Design of Minimally Actuated Mechanical Limbs and Exoskeletons based on Anthropometric Data and Anthropomorphic Tasks

    Collaborative work with University of California Irvine and Singapore University of Technology and Design

  5. ARWED: Augmented Perception for Upper Limb Rehabilitation

    PI on CSUF award Id # 140411, collaboration between CSUF, TAMU College Station and ISU. Funded by National Science Foundation, General and Age Related Disabilities Engineering Program (NSF GARDE), duration 3 years.

  7. Development of Computational Models of Human Motion Planning with Reduced Mobility

    Collaborative work with Texas A&M University.

  9. Exoskeleton based Stroke Rehabilitation with Augmented Reality

    PI on CSUF sub-award Id # NPRP 7-1685-2-626, collaboration between CSUF, TAMU College Station, TAMU Qatar, Hamad Medical Corporation. Funded by Qatar National Research Fund, National Priorities Research Program (QNRF NPRP), duration: 3 years.

  11. Design of Passive Exo-Limbs for Assisting Natural Gait based on Contact and Curvature Constraints between the Foot and the Environment

    Collaborative work with National Aeronautics Space Agency Johnson Space Center and Ossur Corporate.

  13. Development of Failure Recovery Techniques for Exploratory Robotic Systems using Kinematic Synthesis

    Collaborative work with Texas A&M University and ATG Mobile Electronic Systems, TX.